Final Exam Procrastination: How to Beat it!

Do you find yourself checking your fridge every other minute, in hopes of finally finding something interesting to eat? Putting more time into making the perfect study playlist instead of actually studying? Are you into your sixth consecutive hour of catching up on The Walking Dead?

Ah, procrastination. If you don’t get your rear in gear, you know you’ll end up looking like one of the flesh eaters from pulling all-nighter cram sessions.

Here’s some tips to get you motivated, and out of your study slump!

Do this at the start of each morning. Write a list of what you need to get done, and when. Set deadlines for yourself. This way, you can realistically visualize your goals, and they suddenly don’t seem so dauntingly insurmountable. 

Technology is a wonderful distraction tool, that can you occupied for hours. During the time that you allotted to studying, it should be quality time between you, the textbook, and your notes. No one’s going to think you’re dead from not being active on Facebook for a few hours.

You set out to do something at 1:30pm, and suddenly, you missed your trigger point and it’s 1:32pm! Don’t promise yourself to “get around to it” at 2:00pm instead. Get in the attitude of doing it NOW. Work with a sense of urgency and commit to it. What’s so great about even numbers, anyway?

I realize the painful irony of me writing this article as I eye my own pile of textbooks in front of me. Time to take my own advice. Happy studying, SAF!

-Annie Seo

AFSA Sports & Entertainment Series - Roundtable

From left to right: Lash Kugathasan, Craig Whitmore, Fandi Chan, Zac Hogg and Kevin Elop

Summary of the Event


The Sports & Entertainment Roundtable allowed SAF students to see the many opportunities that an accounting background could provide in non-traditional CATO firms. With the help of the Samsung Youth Editors, AFSA (Education) invited Waterloo alumni like Craig Whitmore, Manager of Revenue Reporting for the Toronto Blue Jays, and Kevin Elop, Chief Operating Officer for Centre in the Square, for an open discussion about career paths, work life balance, and of course, the upcoming season for the Toronto Blue Jays! Early attendees also got a chance to have their photo taken with our guests!


Sports: Craig Whitmore


Responsible for millions of dollars in revenue, Craig Whitmore, a CMA and Waterloo Math/Business graduate of 2009, spoke to us about the profit motivation of owners and players. When asked to share a cool story from his job, Craig responded by telling us about his experience at a charity fundraiser whereupon he met Blue Jay notables Vernon Wells and Roy Halladay.


Entertainment: Kevin Elop


As a graduate of the MAcc program, Kevin had all the necessary skills to succeed in the traditional accounting setting and became a valuable employee for Nortel before its collapse. However, after traveling all over the world with his family, Kevin found his new calling in the area of entertainment as the Chief Operating Officer for Centre in the Square. When asked if he had any advice to give to students, Kevin emphasized the importance of relationship building and keeping an open mind for success in career and in life.




The Sports & Entertainment Roundtable was both exciting and informative with many students in attendance at Hagey Hall and watching at home via our live stream! With such a great start to this brand new series, I can’t wait to see what AFSA (Education) has in store for us next!


- Edbert Oey


Dining Etiquette Recap

“I now know how to eat like a civilized human being!” shared one student who attended AFSA’s “Dining Etiquette Semi-Formal” last Wednesday. The evening was full of lessons in formality, delicious food, and of course, good fun.

Guest speaker Christine Fegueiras gave tips on how to be a classy culinary diner to impress at your next business dinner. “In today’s society, we have to recognize how more and more business meetings and interviews are being done over a meal”, she explained.

 After the informative (and tasty) lesson, SAF students showed off their funky moves in the dance that followed suit. Yes, the Harlem Shake also happened.


Thanks to AFSA’s Internal Events that organized the amazing event!

 -Annie Seo

You ask, and we’ll deliver.

Straight off the @UWAFSA Twitter:


He did ask for a sink, I guess?

Food and You! - Sweet Dreams Tea Shop

Location: University Shops Plaza

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Friday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am

Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:00 am

Method of Payment: Cash or Debit (And don’t forget to bring your BlackCard for a discount!)

If you got the chance to visit Sweet Dream Tea shop during the fall you term, you would remember a quaint and homey shop sporting plenty of seating space. With comfy couches and a huge collection of board games, Sweet Dreams was a great place to hang out with friends. Now, after a month or so of renovations, Sweet Dreams has reopened with a new look.


Situated in the corner of the University Shops Plaza, Sweet Dreams’ interior resembles that of modern cafes. With a coat of white paint, simple white furniture, and a black accented ceiling, customers can sit down and just focus on their delightful tea and have a good time with friends. And do not worry; despite the lack of comfy couches, there are plenty of games to go around.

Accompanying the new look is a new menu. Along with their wide range of bubble teas, the shop has also added a variety of loose leaf teas, from green to rooibos. You can get it as single cup, a pot, chilled, or even as a latte. If you are not a fan of tea, do not fret, they also serve specialty drinks such as pina coladas and disco lemonade, and, like any café, coffee.


Not only were there additions to the drinks menu, but also to the food menu. Showcasing some desserts in the back, you will be tempted to order things like blueberry tarts, or mini vanilla cheesecakes to go with your drinks. If not in the mood for sweets, might I recommend ordering their pesto grilled cheese? Although a little greasy (but really, what grilled cheese sandwich isn’t?), there was the perfect amount of cheese to balance the pesto, that will leave you wanting for more. The neat presentation of it alone could draw you in. Their dumplings would also be a very good choice, if you are looking for a fuller meal.


With the new look, also came a new style of service. Similar to Williams, food and drinks are served to the customers at their table. And when you are finished, the waiters/waitresses kindly take everything back.

Although the shop may not look the same, it is still a great place to unwind for the day by drinking good bubble tea, while playing an epic game of jenga with friends.    

~ Trishia Rae Jamison

AFSA Trivia Competition 2013

To reduce a liability, debit or credit?

In free body diagrams, what is usually the downward force?

Who is Ash Ketchum’s rival in the original Pokémon series?


Don’t know the answers to all these questions? Worry not, some of your very own SAF classmates do.

A battle of wits between students took place this past weekend at the annual AFSA Trivia Competition. After several hours of intense competition and over a hundred trivia questions, AFSA crowned its new champions for the winter term of 2013.

Congratulations to Dumbledore’s Army!


From left to right: Varun, Nitish, Vitu, and Alok

Special mentions to the second and third place teams, Les Quizerables and We Just Came for the Pizza, as well as Julita Kwong for organizing the event.

Wendy Lai

Life as a UW Goose


Ever wondered what life would be like as one of those cute little birds running around campus pooping everywhere? Yeah so have I, hence I decided to compile a list of 4 interesting things (entirely of my own opinion) about what I would do if I were a goose (not to be confused with the vodka brand Grey Goose – that’s another story…).


4) Take over DC again 

Okay this turned out to be a prank by UW students but it could still happen! What if I was a goose and persuaded all my buddies to invade DC? Would they have to cancel classes? I find that notion slightly amusing…


3) Jet skiing image

Being an aspiring business professional, I always dreamed of someday doing crazy expensive cool stuff like jet skiing or skydiving. Well, I figured out one day that geese could do both at the same time for no cost whatsoever!

 To elaborate, I was walking to class early in the morning (10:40 AM is too early apparently) with a buddy of mine when, all of a sudden, 15 geese came flying in and hydroplaned across the pond near St. Jerome’s! I swear these guys glided like 20 meters at 50km/h – it was pretty awesome.


2) Demand my share of UW merchandise


Being iconic birds of UW, Canadian geese have been forever engraved in the UW culture as plush dolls or funny memos on shirts. But is that really fair? I mean imagine if somebody took a picture of you and just posted it without your permission everywhere (look right to see a picture of Terrance in his younger days). Yeah I would want my share of sales revenue for that…just saying.


1) Migrate! 

As much as I love how quintessential the geese are to our UW culture, I still dream of a time where they would migrate to another place (Laurier maybe?) and torture another group of students. I mean, if you have wings and can fly up to 50km/h you could go places! Hawaii anyone?


What would you do if you were a UW goose? Share your thoughts with us!

 – Edbert Oey

Tips for First Years: a Recap for the No-Shows and the Forgetful

Last Thursday, 200 eager first years attended the annual Tips For First Years event. Experienced and involved upper years ran a few workshops on topics important to the average first year SAF student. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ve collected the highlights.

What to do Over Your First Year Summer:

Looking at our co-op schedule, this coming summer in 2013 is the very last long summer break we get for the next few years! Rosanne Lai and Judith Ma shared their advice on how we can make the most of it.

Interested in getting a summer job? While it’s definitely not necessary to gain summer employment in a job that’s specifically relevant to the program you’re in, it’s a great idea to plan to save some money from the summer to help pay off the increased upper year tuition. Research around and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the internships and government career positions specifically meant for university students over the summer.

Travelling is also what comes to mind whenever a long break is mentioned. Try looking into programs and opportunities that enhance the experience, or scholarships that subsidize the cost!

And of course, use the summer to chill. That should go without saying, though.

Helpful Links:  The Explore program is a French exchange program in Canada funded entirely by the government. Applications are due end of February. – The International Summer School at the University of Nice, France is a French exchange program abroad. The registration deadline depends on demand; spots may still be available in April but best would be to apply before the suggested date. – A useful compilation of various exchange and volunteer programs abroad to compare prices and experiences. – The Summer Experience Opportunities program with the Government of Ontario. Job postings typically come out in February and March, and the program length ranges from 7 to 16 weeks. – Portal to connect volunteers with local non-profit organizations and startups

Life Outside of SAF:

What better time in your life than in university to explore new interests? Jenny Ho and AFSA Blog’s own Ronald Chui [Editor’s Note: me?] explained some options available at UW. Waterloo offers dozens upon dozens of clubs to fit every passion, from cheese to dance. Take your time to look through the Feds club listing. Don’t be afraid to tread out of your comfort zone!

Part-time jobs on-campus jobs opportunities range from Teaching Assistants, to Housing Dons, to retail services, and more! Conestoga Mall is also just a bus ride away, great for part-time employment, and all the local businesses in the area need someone to run operations.

When the new semester starts, definitely look into joining the various intramural sports you can sign up for in the first week of the term. The CIF and PAC offer great fitness classes. Buying a $50 shoe tag for the entire term for unlimited access to any of the classes is a smart deal you should look into!

Feds Clubs Listing:

On-Campus Retail Service Employment:

On-Campus Housing Employment:

Intramural Sports:

Open Recreation and Fitness Classes:

Networking Tips and Tricks:

Ian Weng and Arthur Chan shared some of their best advice on the topic of networking. They advise to always keep an open mind, as networking comes in many forms. A simple friendship with a friend from a club can lead to securing an exciting career.

However, keep in mind that that the point of networking is to meet people, not just get a job. Be comfortable and confident when approaching people. Use the networking sessions provided to find out what type of opportunities interest specifically, instead of blindly rushing into all prospects.

Finally, try to keep your business card on you at all times! You never know who you’ll run into.

Lucky for you, AFSA is offering free business cards to those to sign up and complete a survey!


Business Card Registration: 

– Annie Seo

Regrets From Upper Years

Each and every one of us have come a long way since university has begun whether that was this year, two years ago, or even longer. Mistakes are inevitable, but some are avoidable. Before you do anything you wish you had not, read what some of SAF’s very own upper years have come to regret.

Michael Leung; 2A AFM:

I would have liked to join more non-SAF clubs and events in my first year to meet more students and gain other experiences. As much as I love everything SAF has given, it would have been nice to try other things.

Terrance Kwok; 4B AFM:

I regret everything I ate in first year.

Quinntin Fong; 4A Math/CA:

I regret letting myself get by in first year courses through regurgitation without actually understanding the material. I also regret sleeping on the housing situation because subletting is a pain…

Shyam Venkatraman; 2A AFM:

A couple things I regret as an upper year are not studying enough and underestimating the difficulty of the work in first year. This made it a lot more challenging to expand my opportunities and get involved in academically-related initiatives. Also, I regret downloading Call of Duty 4 on my computer which consumed my days and nights.


AFM is truly a program that places an overwhelming precedence on the power of networking. Reminiscing now, I realize that this is a microcosm of the real business world. Not capitalizing on my opportunities to make as many connections as possible would be my biggest regret. It’s not about WHAT you know; it’s WHO you know. Your name is really one of the only things that differentiate you from the thousands of other students hunting for that job.

Bonnie Li; 2A CFM:

I regret studying in groups too much! Sometimes it’s good to share knowledge, but I noticed that everyone studies at his/her own pace. It’s also less pressure when you don’t compare yourself with others.

Koren Leung; 2A AFM:

I wish I lived in REV. Grades matter, but remember to have fun too. First year is all about finding your own identity and trying new things!

Christopher Cheung; 3A CFM:

The one thing I regret most was staying inside my comfort bubble by sticking only with my friends from high school, playing video games, and watching TV in my room. I missed out on many opportunities to meet new people and try new things. In later years, I decided to join clubs and make new relationships. As a result, I’ve been able to make much more out of my university experience, and it’s been awesome.

Ronald Chui; 4A AFM:

Joining UW AFSA. Oh, and telling you my regrets. But mostly UW AFSA.


Looking back, my biggest regret about first year is that I was too uptight about school, marks, and the image I conveyed. I realize now that first year was the time to get out, enjoy life, meet new people, and try new things; however at that time, that part of me was overpowered by worries about my future. But hey, it’s never too late to make up for that!

– Wendy Lai

Food and You! – Festival Fare

Location: South Campus Hall (SCH)

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Method of Payment: WatCard and Cash

If you thought SCH was a place only to buy textbooks, Waterloo swag, and some Timmy’s, think again. Through the doors that lead to the Student Success Office and up the stairs, you will find a place that can offer you home-style cooking, daily specials, hot soups, and more.

This eatery is known to fill up fairly quickly, forming a line down the stairs during peak hours. However, if you pick the right day and go at the right time, which is at the beginning of their hours of operation, service is timely. In my visit to the Festival Fare I was graced with quick service and a hearty meal.

Unlike the V1 cafeteria, Festival Fare can provide you with a variety of foods each day. During my time at Festival Fare, shrimp Pad Thai and the turkey burger were their specials of the day. They also sport a fish of the day, often in the form of a filet, with that day being Silver Hake.

Now, I am not a connoisseur of Pad Thai, however, the Festival Fare did a much better job at cooking up a batch than V1’s attempt on Oriental night. Although the noodles were fairly thick, the sweet and spicy sauce, shrimp, almonds, and green onions blended well with each other to make an enjoyable meal. Moreover, similar to ML’s fries, the Festival Fare prepares thickly cut fries that have that perfect crisp. To top off the meal, the people working in in the Festival Fare were kind and helpful in providing service.

Along with good food, the Festival Fare provides plenty of space to sit with friends or to study while eating. With many seats to choose from, it can be a great place to hang out with friends. Be warned, during its busy hours, it may be difficult to enjoy your meal and study.

The Festival Fare only caters for lunch meals, hence their short operating hours. Nevertheless, we accounting students always find ourselves around the southern side of campus, so there is no excuse for one not to check out what the Festival Fare has to offer.   

– Trishia Rae Jamison